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Building on 25 years of experience, we offer specialised services on all matters related to the cannabis industry in Asia. Our particular expertise gives us unique insights into the needs and requirements of corporates and individuals looking to establish themselves in the medical marijuana industry in Asia. We offer a holistic approach, helping you to oversee your entire operation from the legal aspect, construction and cultivation, up until branding, marketing and sales.

Our services are critical to anyone who is interested in investing in the medical marijuana industry in a just and lawful manner. Besides providing you with the legal framework, we also offer dedicated assistance with regards to the practical aspects of starting a medical marijuana industry, this includes operational management, design and layout as well as equipment fulfilment, amongst other services.

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Christopher Henning CAA

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Chris is currently working on two growing projects running in two different Asian countries. The first project will be ready in less than 6-8 weeks and the second project at the end of the year 2020. The projects are to be completed on 800 hectares with 20 million USD investment each.

Chris is also managing and supervising one of the largest direct marketing agencies for CBD products in Germany who are in the process of launching two of the largest CBD-Franchise systems in Europe. His work goes beyond Europe, as at the moment Chris is working on a new CBD Franchise for SE Asia while selling the best quality with the best price in the market.

Chris successfully accomplished and is still working on, multiple businesses with the largest player in the market and a vast network in many different countries in the world.

Our CEO and Founder has also founded the following companies: Cannabis Advisory Asia™ (CAA), CannaTrado™, GIGAICON™ International (Malta, Laos, Malaysia), ROYAL KING SEEDS™, 113LAB™ and CHE´CLINICS™ while being the Co-Founder/Member and CEO for the following Companies: The Hemp Co.™, MEDICAL CANNABIS ASSOCIATION MALAYSIA™, CBD BOX™, JBN GLOBAL (CLMVT) + MELABIS Asia, MELABIS Agriculture & Import Export and MELABIS Tech.

Mr. Christopher Henning


Damon Booth CAA

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Damon Booth is the CEO and founder of Melabis with a background in wealth management, investment relations and global banking. Melabis was founded in 2018 in Malta and in 2 short years the company has made serious progress. Melabis’ strategy is to bring high quality CBD at low cost to the world. Melabis acts as a bridge between east and west and assist governments in legislation change to bring this highly profitable and emerging industry to new markets. Having already had success in legal changes in Uzbekistan and Laos, Melabis will become the go to company to cultivate, toll, distribute and brand in countries and regions currently not accessible to medical cannabis companies.

We will bring real economic benefits while also developing and perfecting the CBD extraction methods to provide end users with affordable quality products. We also aim to utilise the whole Cannabis plant including the fibresand, which has unique potential in the textiles space, due to our links in the textile manufacturing powerhouse that is Turkey.

Mr. Damon Booth

Founder & CEO Melabis

Alexzander Samuelsson CAA

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Alex has developed a rapidly accelerating career over the last four years in the Canadian medical cannabis industry through his consulting and advising company DevCatConsulting. He has worked with dispensaries, licensed cultivators, industry stakeholders, and various media outlets on contracts ranging from technical SOPs, regulatory consulting, and industry advising. Alex has aslo presented at conferences on the science of cannabis under the moniker ``Alex The Chemist``.

Prior to joining Melabis as the CSO, Alexzander held the lead chemist position at NextleafSolutions, a Vancouver based extraction company, developing patent processes, intellectual property surrounding extraction technology and processing, validating and innovating the process of efficiently extracting cannabis into oils and concentrates. After exiting Nextleaf, Alex incorporated Development Catalyst Strategy Corp to develop nascent medical cannabis industries around the globe.

Alex holds a BSc. in Chemistry from Ryerson University and has focused his background toward innovation, research, and education in the medical cannabis industry. His passion for cannabis education has made him a staple name in the Canadian cannabis industry discussing the science of cannabis in podcasts, media interviews, and presenting both private and public to audiences from the canna-curious, technical researchers, and C-level executives to everyone in between.

Mr. Alexzander Samuelsson


David Hyde CAA

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David is a seasoned and trusted advisor to the global cannabis industry. He is a regular media commentator on cannabis industry, security and crime prevention topics and has appeared on numerous television networks including CBC, CTV, Global TV, CP24, CityNews, Fox News, and ABC News (Australia). He is also a sought-after keynote speaker, published author and a regularly featured contributor to major North American news publications. David currently sits on the Advisory Board of ‘Canadian Security’, Canada’s preeminent professional security trade publication. He also sits as the only Canadian representative on the Security Committee for the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS).

In addition, David is one of only four Canadians to have been accepted as a full member of the highly regarded International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC). IAPSC members represent a unique group of respected, ethical and competent security consultants who are rigorously screened and must abide by a strict code of ethics that addresses, among other things:

• professional experience and competency requirements;
• ethical consulting and business practices;
• strict standards of confidentiality and non-disclosure;
• requirement to avoid any potential conflict(s) of interest;
• independence and objectivity clauses that prohibit profiting in any way from suppliers and service providers.

Mr. David Hyde

CPC Compliance & Security Expert 

Jordan Thomson CAA

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Working in Cannabis for almost 5 years, Jordan has developed a comprehensive understanding of the business’ inner workings; cultivation, facility development and technology. His expertise in project management, infrastructure development and cannabis related equipment are what have made him a success.

Jordan’s main objective is to help businesses become more successful by sourcing the industry’s most viable and green solutions.

Mr. Jordan Thomson

Executive Director & Project Manager

Adam Siskin CAA

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Adam leverages expertise in the Consumer Packaged Goods (“CPG”) arena to support growing cannabis brands. The usage of this CPG lens allows Adam to identify financial and operational inefficiencies quickly. Adam implements custom Microsoft Excel solutions and other systems to ease daily operations, allowing companies to scale effectively. In addition, he often supports the finance function by building forecast models, reporting and analytical tools, as well as KPI dashboards.

Adam has supported over 30 CPG companies in a finance, strategy, and business advisory capacity. A typical engagement usually starts with building a financial model and creating a pitch deck for capital raise. From there, Adam creates, manages, and executes key projects necessary for business growth and scalability. Scope of services often includes the following:

• managing and supporting the capital raise process;

• building finance/operating tools to support business functions;

• leveraging relationships and bringing in industry providers;

• managing the finance function and outsourced accounting firms;

• coaching and advising founders, CFOs and operating leaders.

Adam works with many VC Funds and Family Offices often helping with due diligence, capital placement, and portfolio company help.

Mr. Adam Siskin


Joshua O'cock CAA

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Josh has worked in social media and digital marketing since its inception and has developed an inspiring approach to digital marketing through consulting, managing and executing these digital strategies with a wide and truly international range of clients.

His passion for marketing and his long standing experience in the field inspired him to open Growth Gurus, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Malta. In just 4 years, Josh has spearheaded the agency to national acclaim, picking up numerous awards in recognition of the exceptional work him and his team have done for their impressive list of clients.

Josh has channeled his energy into the new and emerging medical cannabis market.

Mr. Joshua O’cock


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